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Three Waggin Tails

We’re the Three Waggin Tails!


Toby's Story:

I am a puppy mill survivor. I met my mom and dad at 6 weeks old and it was the best day of my life! Even though I have some health issues and they knew I would be more to handle than some others puppies they could adopt, I am so happy my family picked me! I love food. Any food! Every time mom and dad come home with a bag in their hands, I think it’s for me. I hoard toys and only let my sisters have their select few. My favorite activity is tearing my toys apart until the fuzzy stuffing decorates the whole house and the squeaker is squished until it won’t squeak anymore. I’ve put my Paw of Approval on my favorite toys in the store!

Suzie's Story:

I was 4 years old and very shy when mom and dad adopted me. My shyness melted away when I soon recognized I was born a princess and graciously accepted my position as Ruler of the Household. My favorite activities are sleeping and barking. I may be little, but don’t let that fool you! When the doorbell rings, you can be sure I will be the first to say hello. When I’m not greeting our guests, I love finding the highest comfortable spot in the house and making myself right at home ~ whether it’s on top of mom’s head when she’s trying to sleep or a stack of pillows on our couch. You’ll find my Paw of Approval on the most comfortable furniture and accessories in the store!

Trixie's Story:

I was rescued by my mom and dad when I was only 1 year old. Even though I might be the baby of the family, I definitely have the biggest heart. I follow mom around wherever she goes and I always snuggle in between mom and dad. When I’m outside I love chasing squirrels and I really like to jump. I can jump so high I can almost catch some of those squirrels out in the yard! As much as I like to be outside, the winter months get awfully cold for me so I have an entire closet full of fashionable wardrobe options. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m the best-dressed girl in the neighborhood! My Paw of Approval will be on the latest and greatest pet apparel at Three Waggin Tails!